To keep it authentically handmade. This will not only ensure that the taste never changes, but it will enable employment opportunities for many families to come.

We do not compromise on the quality of our ingredients and we’re so excited about the future of this business.


It’s one of those great stories which was never planned, but that landed up changing the lives of so many people.

In May 2016 a batch of fudge was made for family and friends. They liked it so much that they shared it with their families and friends and so, Quinnies started.

Before we knew it word had gotten out and we managed to start supplying the exclusive Singita Game Lodges and the 12 Apostles Hotel. Corporates heard about us too and we have since been fortunate enough to supply some great gifts for their clients.

Quinnies has grown by nearly 100% year on year with our major clients being Corporates, Marketing companies as well as Airlines. Yes that’s right…you can find us in the British Airways Slow lounges too!

With all these amazing opportunities, we have been able to achieve one of our biggest goals which is to provide employment. The more orders we receive, the more people we need to make it happen.

So please get in touch so that we can keep providing the best fudge while making a difference in South Africa’s employment.